Melancholic Moments

Empty azure squares in scales like sequin, form befitting a beast looming over our personal spaces

Countless faces staring up and out seeking relief; popular belief has you believe that this you’ll never see

Swirling sea of humanity, pushing and pulling just jocking for position in a downwards spiral to be free

More alone adrift down crowded sidewalks and city streets, you ever thirst when there’s a abundance of water in reach?

The deeper it goes the more water forms and fills the hole where a spade has breached, the struggle just to be quenched

Appearances aren’t always what they seem to be, a tainted ocean of tears from a pier where departures are daily

Transitioning scenes ocean view to patchworked celestial aloft glimmers with the best of you, strummings ukulele

With every starlight waving there’s a piercing through your soul though unwavering, the bandages and balm heavenly

You’re a real star, and at the same time, canvassing the background for some unknown protagonist’s life story

Strings from the rafter beams whether of puppetry or violin’s weaved nothing’s free, to the finite fiddles of Atropos shearing
©2019 loose.leaf.lover

In The Shape Of Skins, Sirens

I can hear you still lingering on here, the slight breezes breathe with whispers held tightly messages just for me

Wanting badly to slip happily into a forever after, just have to get pass fears with a dive into southern comforts I’d flee

Don’t leave me hanging in a concrete clearing, these temples deifying alabaster demons with gold smiles instead of enamel

Amidst the loneliness they’ve gathered, arched wings and sharp talons, clutching and pulling all locked into eternal battle

The first fallen, with precious stoned eyes and glimmering fingernails, arms outstretched and yearning with false flattery

Like a devil and the deep blue sea or the roar of the winds and glass covered skyscrapers, a choir of charms to put upon me

And you’re the single ray of hope, slipping through greys with the warmth of yesterday breaking into today’s boundary

The memories live so strong that its a fortress settled into cumulus clouds afloat, a dream that’ll never sink but reigns supreme

Genius or psychosis, a very thin line indeed, I’ve crossed her and experienced both the blessings and her curses deeply

Now she’s beckoning just beyond the decorative fringes of reality, and everyone’s in the shape of skins, sirens lovely
©2020 loose.leaf.lover

Queen Of Cups

The eternal back and forth over structure and collapse, what’s merely ornate and what’s truly been purposed?

The chalice runneth over until you drown seeking oxygen bubbles, going too deep to enjoy the subtle nuances

Every once in a while got to come up to breathe in the stillness of a scene, let the blessings be champagne weaved

Close waltz between the pen and hand atop sheets clasped, maestro to a melody like a genius to a malady under

Where I blunder my limits, just to outgrow ivy in the pot next to the door in the kitchen or hallowed halls in institutions of learning

Devil in a silver flask, can smell the breath of the possessed through the gold teeth of a capitalists on a chest bountifully blessed

Every ache in her back where Puritans have kissed, know the olive garden of exotic charm that hardly any have rightfully asked

Golden brown drips sweetness from the orifice of a hexagon in a hive Harlem, raise a shot glass to the stars and reminisce

The genie in a bottle could never be consoled in a prison, but demonized for having a conscience can be as easy as religious devotion

Much larger than the flesh someone boasts, thread my soul through the eye of my index and thumb til it psalms
©2019 loose.leaf.lover

Catching Hell’s Blues

Crumbling pretty facades to where bitterness’ll reside, marble statues in a wedding chapel’s yard

Venus de Milo in moss, you try to grasp so hard for moments destined to leave your entirety in scars

Left behind Jekyll for Hyde, and now the whole wide world is at large and wanted for a broken heart

Barbed wire halos and a pair of vulture wings, exes instead of crosses she wears them chokers snuggly

A skull and crossbones romance haphazardly, we confuse the scavengers for our angelic beings

Ceaselessly screamed “you wronged me” riffs off a marionette’s strings, the binding barbed bleeds ugly

The nakedness of our carnal frolicking, melodic sharing, and now our passionate lampooning

Glittering gold upon lips of a blossoming rose, your due sorrows are my champagne and caviar

Beautiful faces with bulbous vases shattered, the debris and residue are illusions nothing tangible

Between flashes and poses, the thirst from that hell is a all consuming furnace even to you

©2018 loose.leaf.lover

The Glittering Blackness

A sole lit smile amidst a space of impatience;
A bright crescent sailing the chaotic and cosmic
Me in all my brilliant lunacy, a glittering blackness,
Of intervals timeless written in a time of violence

All I have are thought bubbled celestial silhouettes,
Where roam lovecraftian horrors not found to light yet
To speak freely is to unleash the unsettling and alien,
Yet if this is heavenly how could it be deemed hellish?

So, I cork it until it’s just another matter left bottled up,
An absolute madness distilled into a couple of notes
Over the rocks my heart bled volumes unfathomable;
Under the table, find that your cup wasn’t big enough

A deafening silence to sheathed serpentine daggers;
Even the loudest most loving voices sometimes betray us
And like that mentioned crescent, a shadow is present
Behind a smile sometimes you’ll find a heap of messes
©2015 loose.leaf.lover

Ebony Gospel

My soul keeps falling down steps of a double helix,
glimpses of me’s caught on the building blocks of the fleshy finite of mortal existence
But multiple lives of me have been rendered in different images;
since the dawning of time,
I have been that lump of clay on the potter’s wheel nigh endless
Glorious triumph and demoralizing defeats,
I have tasted both remedy and poison in this banquet of life, and kept living
How can I speak so soothingly of joy, when it’s so obvious I’ve been marred by sorrows in a wedlock with misery?
I reach deep within me and pull out the realms of divinity, a gospel, a promise, of eternal Serenity
©2013 loose.leaf.lover

Observance Of A Smile

I’ve savored daylight from twisted strands playing a medley in the wind
Off succulent coco hued skin with a scent of pure seduction adrift for me
My mind in tow, lost behind the otherworldly sunrises saved within her eyes
Daylight saved in a chapter, in a page, between the sheets of our lives
For her to smile, like dawn after the longest night, that’s my saving grace that curved line
Time the greatest lie told, because it could never spoil that caliber of soul
For what she is to me, words can barely fit the mold of divinity that she holds
©2015 loose.leaf.lover

On The Winds Of Angel

Have you heard her speak?

The melodic sounds of distant grounds, the mystique beheld by celestia shrouded in gold, mist and clouds
The calm brought on by a pair of lungs sprouting forth flora encouraging the growth of sahasrara’s petals fold
A voice to inspire the shrine of a budding mind to blossom into a eternal springtime with serenades to starry abodes
A peace of a alpine wilderness embodied and wandering amidst a downpour upon sidewalks along busy city streets
Euphoria and azure irises where the pupils are of everything, peering beyond the skin deep, through proses and sheets

Have you felt her touch?

The nurturer’s reach permeating through forever, a beautiful nocturne of ebony and ivory into a wisterian retreat
A canopy of lilac with the breeze raining over bruises from the past, a tenderness like the written craft of poetry to speech
The bleeding ink and the myriad canals of a fingerprint, she’s as soft as velvet with caressing like a timeless piece
When I feel like I’m on the verge going towards implode, I implore from her the soothing balms of her arms and heart
To be kept in the loop of a figure eight always, a coursing through her veins of everything a drifting pass old scars
©2020 loose.leaf.lover

Godspeed You Black Emperor

The elevation to pleasant sensations like the lotus in silent meditation, unfurled and blooming forth from the ocean of revelations

Through the murkiness, pearls of salty libations poured over aches and pain along the way, laurel capstone on losses as a foundation

Pyrrhic and foolish if nothing ever buds from concrete concentration, branches the sunlight through masonry of western civilization

Bricks of ivory and mortar of mother of pearl, yolks your shoulders with such a heaviness that burdens you for your life’s duration

The emperor’s new clothing sewn with the delusion of separation, bathed in the decadence, the labor and jewels of other nations

Time rises like tidals with the sediments of antiquity’s wasted ambitions, dunes shifting towards yet another’s end in causality’s pattern

The coming undone and reforming only to continue on forever, the seed and the sown and the destined wind blows like phantoms

The verses seem unholy and cursed, worsened only when viewed by the damned in hindsight away from the divination of cassandra

The mighty and meek may gather to fathom the amber pulsing lights, that flickers on despite the sheer darkness the abyssal holds ample

The stretching and unfolding this light tries to conquer the depths and miasmas put here before us, to heavenly choirs drowns out the silence
©2020 loose.leaf.lover

Kagerou Railway

“twinkle on every stray glint of fool’s gold I have tried to covet then adorn”

On every star that my heart has set upon, seized and swell blossoming from a bud on my tongue and unfurled into a bouquet of roses

Infinitely into torrents against the alcove of rustic panes and landscape the words of a lover, my heart’s very own flora into proses

Only to be debris torn asunder over the winds once it’s all said and done, Icarus trying to steal a hopeful ray before he’s sent into a low

Spiraling through azure has left me with visions of you in golden hexagonals, I’ve gotten too close now parting has me feeling vertigo

The better of ten years of suns sunken into the soil near a tombstone, a dial forever broken where the hands refuse to sign further on

Once the day held gold and warmth, now I’m spent looking it over to feel it was all for nought…

And so tommorow seems to never come to dry your eyes, and all the tears that fall houses a memory aurous with a dove spilling forth

Oh, where has my brilliant love gone, maybe sailing further out into the cold and indigo for better or worse knowledge the lord only knows

Champagne fizzes out with the wishes they’ve newly acquired barely mouthed, and the future dims once sobered and the words null and void

And gold is no longer fully the goal to tide you over, the allure goes back nebulous and the fumes aren’t chanel but words that muck it up

Someday is not today for a pit to grow an orchard, and my tea has grown cold and the flower has disintegrated into something that disappoints

Once the day held gold and warmth, now I’m spent looking it over to feel it was all for nought…
©2019 loose.leaf.lover