What little heaven I have to hold upon my journey into the unknown, are memories in blue
The full view of spring from the thaw of the mighty maw of winter’s keep, a multifaceted jewel
I knew from our first moment, that the stars sailing the cosmic had one from it plummet; you
You’d wander to and fro from land to land collecting interesting stones, I’m trying to reassemble an enigma in clues
Bygone the days of yore whiling away in the bayou, I traded up my magnolias for a northern star’s route

And although everything else may indeed fade, you shall be the first and last of it all throned upon my mind
In azure and gold to the great unknown, you’ve unfolded in several layers as a bud forming a lotus unwind

Songbirds, sun drenched cherubs weaving, wearing and wielding a banner melodic the head of this arrow
Heavy falls heaven upon my heart and brow, warms and defrosts parts of me I thought were lost in errors
From the grasping talons of manmade terrors, you’ve kept me like a scimitar in scented and silken fabric
Contours and constructs in couture my heart’s wrought, she imbues a kaleidoscope in layers
What pledge I’ve struck has structured my life more towards feelings of worth, a bounty in a bead of blood fares

And although everything else may indeed fade, you shall be the first and last of it all throned upon my mind
In azure and gold to the great unknown, you’ve unfolded in several layers as a bud forming a lotus unwind
©2018 loose.leaf.lover


I Know, I Know, I Know

Try as you might,
It slips through the cracks
The illusion held tight,
Azure falls to black

These highs and lows

In lines I’ve dole,

I’m cross-stitching

My mouth closed

I’m covering up

Yet unload,

The ebony ghost

And his roving storm

In poetic form



I’m a scarecrow

Nearly post and straw

Amidst a field fully crow



Nothingness…becomes home

Built on tossed stones

And love note embers

Failures and setbacks

There’s an abyss of loneliness

Try as you might,
It slips through the cracks
The illusion held tight,
Azure falls to black
©2018 loose.leaf.lover

On Everything I Love

For the love of…

Find yourself inside silent hells, the furnace off a facet of a gem

Fascination for shine is enshrined in self; the clout, a bud with its stem

The tyranny of evil men and the desire to possess gleams like a djinn

The star showers, the overlord towers, and the simple mind gives in

Everything glitters…

Smiles drenched with the blood of the sun, the thirst will propels us

Gun barrel to the head of a child adorning miner’s gear for diamonds

The world exists only for us, everything done is to sate our deepest hunger

“On everything I love”-borne curses, jewel encrusted cross traded for loved ones

“The Lord is my Shepherd”

Drowning in a sea of your Hennessy, her eyes are upon this meekness in me

Henny eyes, chocolate tribe, sacred geometry in a voluptuous guise tease

Piques my mind, haunted by rhinegold piercings, bird of paradise in a gilded cage

Tell me, what does it take to find your taste and quench what has inflamed the beast?
©2018 loose.leaf.lover

Myriad Of Fire

What I hold is a burning sword, sheathed in layers upon layers of the finest laces ever known to man

Heavily scented as heaven had vented, extinguishes the senses demented to a haze more tame

Images of jewel-encrusted desires in a crossing befitting a messiah right before the windows of your eyes

The lantern’s theater, the shades of shadows parading on like black pearls along glittering gold twine

All this to better enter the mind, a grease to these wheels we ply like the finest of intoxicating wine

Why must I hold aloft, with such finesse, a hawk as though it were a dove grasping a branch of olive within its balance

How can I make the sight of such flaming arms, the sire to the air of seven wonders themselves

A spirit alight possessing eyes of hazel, flesh a hue of the shores of paradise, and a figure to rival earthen artisans

Can fire be bliss the closer you move in to kiss, each lick of its caresses is a singe more into its destructive embrace

Powerful, its presence does shape and mold the landscape into either a dream or a nightmare placed

Out of the cave and into the sunlight, but how is it any different from being in the dark and candlelight

Shifting patterns, fragmented yet somehow whole, the universe unfolds kaleidoscopic both mute and bright

Hexagonal greetings could turn into a lipstick of scorch marks in plum, indigo and chestnut

That’ll eventually blacken over everything that was once draped within enchantment from her flaunt

We’re all moths to what I now hold a fragment of, that wavers to and fro between countless digits like time

©2018 loose.leaf.lover

Snippet Theater

Every sling and arrow, err on the part of Eros and a pair of genital

Yet from the nethers, the shine of heaven, I rise to the top—no viagra

“Arrogant bastard”, yet from vast squalor I better be infinitely better

Sunken more chalices in muddy waters than I can think to tell you

Langston Hughes by way of the bayou, southern groove in work boots

I verse when inspired, with or without applause or backing choir

Felt tips to lush lips and shapely hips, every curve a cursive I know in hour

A courtesan whiler, I’m waist deep in muses and sour being doted

Embrace sheets and quill like a crook and flail upon what blooms and blossoms

Opuses of opulence….

Amid ebony and ivory fields, this silent seance in steel grey

Building storms in a mind a fray, opening up these floodgates

An overarching theme streamed in collage origami’s my tongue

The photo albums of sunken chalices, only a glimpse before its gone

I worshipped pain, I used to scribble to her these a hundred a day

I learned it’s never quantity over quality, still opulent after decades

I want your precious curses, love letters in motion loud as an ocean

Intensify my focus, drive me mad with modified talks of false concern

©2018 loose.leaf.lover

Of Honey, Gold And Azure

The daylight gleams in the form of brass rings just out of reach, and I’m carried on in a carousel of nightmares


….the stuff of dreams….


Atop a revolving base, littered with glyphs of power and faith intermingling with cogs and gears, the harbingers appear


….the end is here….


A starless steed, a amalgamation of darkness breathed, trodden into me lovecraftian by way of my ears


….what was replied was of fury and real….


Countless tendrils worming endlessly, they have found entry into the greatest of lies, a gilded gold and azure sphere


….red in a litany of rays once pure….


We feast upon false cornucopias, a mirage Utopia painted marigold in a trickery of the light and the slight of hands stir


….from the precipice and into the abysmal….


Tell me this isn’t a dream, and that all is achievable as long as I continue to reach for them……


….please, delight me with honey worded morsels….

©2017 loose.leaf.lover

Dawn Into Day

And once I grew, I learned a horrible truth—I was not invincible
The fate that befell you could just as easily befall me, I got it tattooed
A cluster of stars in a silken grab, you were upon me before I knew
Till this day, that memento of night’s adorned mentally and physically

Cherubs in wisps encircle a bottle of chanel filled with crimson ink
A peacock quill strolls across lavender sheets, I can weave a fantasy
In perfumed words from wounds none sought to soothe, I dare speak
Tell me if you can truly relate beyond a veil of poise and ceremony

From the holiest spire, for all to see, I’ll paint you over the heavens
Peirce the azure of day, reveal the marrow, mothers of the dawn

What angel has descerated by turning the dawn red with ire?
What ethereal laurels dare merit what was done unjustly?
Magnolias unravelled and ravaged upon the fangs of a nighttime’s fire
I’ll cherish them even if they’re becoming vestiges of a former me

Mothers of a dawn, sacrificing for that day to fully rise and mature
Fearless man-lion, the magnificence of a king in ebony splendor
So, onwards I’ll charge, even if I don’t feel my own warmth conquer
Hoist the world further upon my shoulders, azure is my messenger
©2018 loose.leaf.lover

Play On Orchestra

A toy box of sharpened odds, to what mess do I wish to arrive

I pricked my finger on a hidden smile, and cut my wrist on a few lies

This playground of the mind is a landmine I’m steady trying to survive

Down the pages it slides, events crimson turning dark into letters I write

Play on, orchestra in the background, in the coldest raindrops I know

Crashing lightning, reverberating thunder, I have a affliction I hold

Thought—if tommorow doesn’t come to light, what else can I hope

The cherubs don’t sing in those tones anymore that promote love

And today, I looked into the sky to it all staring on indifferently to my plights

I could find a light at the end, illuminating life and its many colored slights

Muddy waters, from tear submerged love notes from long ago

The kind that threaten to grip your throat and wreck your heart so

Unable to stop staring at every one, bluer than every line’s stroke

I place my love above, because it felt like everyone was waging war

A gospel I have from every scar, the urban camo traded for a cloak

I’m only genuinely naked when I’m going through this forrest I’ve wrote

Buried laurels behind murals, the aerosols released from a trigger pulled

Romancing a skull with fragments of my own, this is truly my only abode

And today, I looked into the sky to it all staring on indifferently to my plights

I could find a light at the end, illuminating life and its many colored slights
©2018 loose.leaf.lover

For You, I’d Die

Tahitian chocolate complexion, a rose blooms to my deepest affection

I envy the artisan, in depths a myriad of silver and pulsing lightning

A wandering specter, my lost reflection, is beckoned towards heaven

Upon a odyssey in irises, eternity’s throne sits obsidian with diamonds

I shall hold you always aloft, above those who deem you a bad omen

Timelessness captured in a physique shaped like the very glass it defies

Nectar from on high, for I could drink from no other that would enlight

Hexagonal blessings adorns your head, the hope of dawn is deified

Of all exotic decors a mind can form, no book surpasses your charm

Just in the blink of an eye, you have filled me with more than any before
©2018 loose.leaf.lover

A Lone Star And East I-20

In a dusty hall with withered roses slumped over their vases, face-to-face with heaven and all its facets

Veiled jezebel with the look of all one holds sacred, pearls shine through the parting of her lips hued passion

Flesh a opus of many paradises at twilight, golden retreating into glittering darkness, my heart fallen

Maroon clad she stands, I am bathed in a hint of hazel, my reflection in those starry vistas treasured

Each breath a eternity unto itself, multiple verses strung upon gold looped back melodic and tranquil

I am with you as well as everybody, collectively counting grains passing a narrowed shaft into a bulbous ending

A mixture of pain with pleasure, held at the fringe of reality where your veil opens gently to blurry nothingness

Oh bejeweled one, are you what I’ve been courting, that the mounting years have finally afforded me?

All the philosophies and religions of the world pale before the ledger, I’m but a account in your ink stained fingers

Many spirals scroll back from those tips in languages familiar, forgotten and yet to be wrought into existence

When I finally settle on one and go to speak it, I am blinded by light left only a fleeting dream or possibility
©2018 loose.leaf.lover